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The underground podcast returns and we will do our best to come back on a regular basis after our summer hiatus. Of course, we return with plenty on our collective minds. And sometimes what we are talking about isn't always evident. This program certainly has plenty of subtexts. See if you can trace them. If we overexplain here, the effect will be lost. As usual, we have an unexpected eclectic mix that puts a different spin on rock radio: we are what classic rock radio could have been. So there's a hefty portion of new music and some classics too. The program ranges through classic rock, punk, New Wave (or what some call First Wave now), alternative, alt-country, country-rock, Americana, and even some heavy metal. Enjoy.

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"Aqualung" by Jethro Tull
Rick's Metal Shoppe: “37 Stitches” by Drowning Pool
Jeff’s New Wave: “Peaches” by The Stranglers
“Window in the Skies" by U2
"Funny the Way It Is" by The Dave Matthews Band
"Hey 19" by Steely Dan
"Mohammed's Radio" by The Matthew Show
"Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon
"Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" by Jackson Browne & Bonnie Raitt
“When the Wheels Don't Move” by Son Volt
“The Weight” by The Band
“You and I” by Wilco with Feist
"Thoughts of Mary Jane" by Nick Drake
"Old Days" by John Hiatt
"Wild at Heart
" by Gloriana
Cover Me: "Girl from the North Country" by Kermit Lynch

Program contains songs with explicit lyrics.

(Mp3 Runs - 1:23:26; 77 MB.)

(The photo is by audreyjm529 of Pennsylvania via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

DISCLAIMER: The iVoryTowerz podcast is a non-commercial, non-profit program designed and used for educational purposes. Some of the material contained in this podcast is previously copyrighted but used with permission. Other copyrighted material is reused following fair use guidelines. Any copyright holders who do not wish to have their material used should contact the programmers directly at ivorytowerzradio@att.net and it will be removed. The programmers do not support filesharing and encourage listeners to buy music from the artists featured in this podcast.

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