All Apologies

After three weeks on hiatus it is time to return. Our apologies for the radio silence without warning. There are many reasons for the lapse. We would offer some up to you, but many will just sound like excuses. So we will dispense with the reasons, only to say we are sorry we have not been here. Likely, the blog will not be a daily affair again, at least for the short term. We will monitor reader reaction a bit more closely to see if frequency has any effect on the impact of this blog. We want to continue to bring you strong commentary, but only if it has sufficient audience and reaction. Thanks for your patience while we regrouped.

(Graphic © copyright DarkBlack and used with permission. For more material like this, please see DarkBlack's blog.)

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darkblack said...

Hopes that all is well and that you may continue as you wish to.


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