Tennessee's New Gun Law: Seriously Dumb

by Emily Norton
Special to iVoryTowerz

I thought we were pushing dumb in Tennessee with the “Butt-Crack Bill” and “English-Only Bill" earlier this year until Nashville pulled it’s most recent trump card. Sensible Governor Phil Bredesen (D) previously vetoed a bill that would permit guns to be brought into restaurants and bars so long as the holder hides the gun and doesn’t drink. His motion was met with loud protest from the National Rifle Association, a laughable yet apparently highly influential organization down South, which insisted that Bredesen “betrayed their trust.” To the dismay of the sensible, this past week, the Tennessee Senate and House sided with the notorious NRA, overriding the governor’s veto. The bottom line: we go from just dumb to dangerous and dumb starting the 15th of July (when the law will go into effect).

The words of those advocating the law (such as “law-abiding” or “responsible” to name a few) drip with a naïve and sickening idealism. The expectation that all restaurant owners will check each of their customers for a concealed handgun and monitor their alcohol consumption is as ludicrous as the expectation that every gun holder is law-abiding. This law hands Pandora the box with the lid half open. I do not believe the simplistic lie often promoted by the NRA that the presence of guns creates a safer atmosphere, and we should certainly put our faith in the hands of those holding permits.

Although I’m clinging to the slim chance the feds will swoop in and label this new gun law unconstitutional, it seems as though the only realistic glimmer of hope lies within the potential ordinance that metro council members in Davidson are discussing. That ordinance would make it illegal to carry a gun in a restaurant where beer is served. As many have said and as I hope at the very least Davidson County will listen to the ever-true statement that guns and booze do not mix.

(The photo is by publik16 via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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Brent Diggs said...

Writing from Tennessee I am just as confused as everyone else as to who thought this would be a good idea.

I think I won't be eating out for a while, at least until I can afford kevlar underwear.

travism said...

The people who oppose this new law are the ones that have no understanding that you must pass a background check to get a carry permit in the first place. They are also the ones that believe that criminals obey the laws.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see our Country holding up the Amendments on which this Nation was established. Everytime, before now, my family and I would want to go out to eat in a part of town where people are vulnerable to attack by low life thugs, I would have to leave my gun in my car and not have any form of protection on me to keep me and my loved ones safe. Now, I can proudly walk down the street with more confidence knowing that my gun isn't in a place where it is completely useless, but is on my hip where I can access it. I want to be able to protect myself and my loved ones if that dreadful day ever comes when I am forced to use a firearm against another human being. I believe that any law abiding citizen should have a gun in their possession at all times, provided that the law abiding citizen isn't mentally or physically impaired to do so. If our rights to carry guns is taken, then the only ones who are carrying the guns are the people who carry them anyway for murder, robbery, drugs, and many other illegal activities. People who aren't comfortable with guns, people who flat out hate guns, people that shun guns, and people that just don't know much about guns should enroll themselves in classes taught by knowledgeable and trained instructors. By utilizing these classes, people who are ignorant on the subject of guns can be educated on what guns are and how to deal with them. My last statement will be that children should be educated on firearms just as they are educated on sex. Our children should be prepared to handle a situation in which a gun is present and what should and shouldn't be done with that gun. I believe a lot of gun accidents, which involve children, can be prevented if these children knew how to treat a gun situation. Furthermore, no child should be able to gain access to his parents' guns or any other guns as too many accidents happen as a result of ignorant adult gun owners.
-I shall appreciate all responses.

Anonymous said...

I have a handgun carry prrmit in Tennessee as well and I hope that one day I will be able to carry everywhere legally. I do not feel safe leaving my gun anywhere other than on my side. I live in an area with too many meth addicts and illegal mexicans running around committing crimes. I also work in a building where guns are not permitted. Maybe the murder that happened in this building a few years ago might not have happened if I could have carried that day. Hmmm i wonder why violent crimes are so common in DC and NYC.

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