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Happy birthday, Pete Seeger! Pete Seeger turns 90 tomorrow (May 3), so what better time not only to play some Seeger but also to play some music inspired by one of America's great folk singers. There's plenty here to like, although not all of this program has the Seeger touch; the usual eclectic mix is here. (But we dedicate the program to Pete, among others, nevertheless.) The program ranges through folk, indie rock, new wave, power pop, and heavy metal. Plus the sounds cover about 40 years of modern music. So tip your hat to Pete, and, of course, enjoy.

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"Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" by Pete Seeger
"Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen
“Masquerade" by Sarah Nixey
"Fraulein" by Drunk
"The Hazards of Love 4 (The Drowned)" by The Decemberists
"Free Fallin'" by John Mayer
“All That You Have is Your Soul” by Tracey Chapman
“Roll On” by J.J. Cale
“Reason to Believe” by The Beat Farmers
"Pink Cadillac" by Graham Parker
Jeff’s New Wave: “Keep in Touch” by The Romantics
"Driver 8" by R.E.M.
"Sister Jack" by Spoon (request)
"Ulysses" by Franz Ferdinand
Cover Me: "Rock On" by Def Leppard
Rick's Metal Shoppe: “ME 262” by Blue Öyster Cult

(Mp3 Runs - 1:23:05; 77 MB.)

(Photo of Pete Seeger by Anthony Pepitone, using a Creative Commons license; the photo was taken at New York's Clearwater Festival in 2007.)

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