How Asher Roth Really Relates to College Life

(Editor's Note: The author of this piece, Melissa Mahfouz is in the midst of her last week of college finals as she finishes her first year of college life.)

by Melissa Mahfouz
Special to iVoryTowerz

The song “I Love College” by rapper Asher Roth (the song is on Roth's new album Asleep in the Bread Aisle, released on April 20) is the epitome of stereotypical songs pertaining to 3 a.m. runs to the local pizza joint, sleepless nights without productivity, hour-long conversations about the meaning of life, and those crazy weekends you either can never forget or can’t quite remember. Welcome to college, a place of so-called “teachers and scholars,” piles of books and compositions on the most obscure, yet interesting of topics, infinite supplies of dirty laundry, and an omniscient love for life.

Aside from suffering from a massive, incessant inundation of information that you seemingly will never use again (for example: how to derive the standard deviation of a fish population in Mozambique), one can safely say that college life, without a doubt, is truly an unforgettable learning experience. The real is separated from the superficial, activism transcends passivity, epiphanies are reached in which one realizes that he or she is not supernatural and has faults, limits are learned (interpret as you wish), and most importantly, relationships are fostered with an array of individuals while enhancing oneself as a human being.

As the ride is reaching its end for those on the verge of graduation, and beginning for those soon-to-be infamous freshmen, I only advise to take advantage of the moment, because it soon will become a distant, yet nostalgic memory. Roth puts it best when he says that it’s an experience “we’d do all over again.” The song captures this experience so well.

(The promotional photo of Asher Roth is from SRC Records, a division of Universal Music Group.)

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