Our New Media Cousins

We are a bit overdue to acknowledge our new media cousins this spring. Some may know that one of the co-editors of this blog also teaches journalism and media classes at American University. As part of that, we are planting the ideas of multimedia blogging with students. So from time to time, we see it as a duty to point you to the work of this young talent.

The results: the Latinocast weekly update of news from Latin America and the revival of the weekly student podcast Zero Degrees.

Some may know that the producer of Latinocast, Dan Aspan also moonlights here occasionally as one of our special writers, someone not part of the full-time writing cooperative. Please check out his podcast online and on iTunes.

You can also find the revived Zero Degrees podcast back online and on iTunes. This podcast is a weekly take on the news produced by a variety of students in a radio class at American University. The last time Zero Degrees was producing weekly podcasts it was heard by tens of thousands of listeners on six continents. Pretty good for a student radio operation.

Please give these podcasts a listen. Let us know what you think. Thanks for letting us practice a bit of blog plugging. We hope you don’t mind this cross-promotional announcement.

(Photo by dino_olivieri of Turin, Italy via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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