Crossing the 100,000 Threshold

Sometime late on March 31 as it turned into April 1 (no joke) this small boutique blog picked up unique reader Number 100,000.

So, on this landmark occasion, we want to extend our thanks to our readers. They are a special lot to come back here (the core group at least) time and again to get a sampling of our commentary on the cultural stew of life in the 21st Century. Sure, big blogs like The Huffington Post clear 100,000 readers in a day or two. But we don’t have millions to promote our blog and push it into the stratosphere of blogging numbers.

The truth is readership continues to accelerate. We reached our first 1,000 readers after a month. We cracked 10,000 readers after seven months. Here we are at the 30 month mark, and finally 100,000.

What we know about our readers is the audience has shifted. What began as a blog for a class at American University with mostly a university audience, after a few months shed most of those readers. After then acquiring mostly an urban audience around Washington, D.C. the blog has molted several more times. What remains of the D.C. Metro audience is now mostly in the Virginia suburbs. The main audience is now in California, although many of the blog’s writers remain clustered around D.C. And the blog also has more readers in New York than any of the areas around D.C. We’ve also developed significant international audiences in the U.K. (as many people read the blog in London as they do in D.C., now), Canada, Germany and Australia. Since this blog began, readers in 157 different countries and territories have dropped around for a read. Just this month, we found our first readers in Azerbaijan. This has truly become an international blog, although most of the audience is still centered in the United States.

So from the writers and editors here, thanks for checking in with us. We hope you come back for more than one read. And if not, well, it’s been a pleasure serving you up some thoughtful commentary all the same.

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