Baseball: Mackenzie Brown & the Perfect Game

by Suzie Raven

Whenever my dad wanted me to try harder when we played softball in the backyard, he told me to quit throwing like a girl. I would get mad and wing it at him as hard as I could. As I got older and my arm got stronger, he said it to me less often, but he always knew it was an easy way to push my buttons.

Last week, twelve-year-old Mackenzie Brown proved what I’d been saying for years. Throwing like a girl isn’t a bad thing.

Brown is the first girl to throw a perfect game in Bayonne Little League. She struck out 12 of the 18 batters she faced, including the last six.

Since the perfect game, she has been interviewed on national television and watched her highlights on ESPN. She threw out the first pitch when the New York Mets played the Washington Nationals at the end of last week. If I were in her shoes, I would be beyond stoked to throw out the first pitch, but she’s obviously more level headed than I am despite being much younger.

She said that the best part of her week is "probably just being able to throw like that."

Baseball needs more girls like her, but next year, Brown will switch from baseball to softball so she can focus on her goal of playing collegiate athletics one day. She shouldn’t have to switch for the purpose of college if she prefers baseball. She’s proven that she can do more than just keep up with the boys. She obviously throws much better than most boys. Our society shouldn’t teach her there is something wrong with throwing like a girl.

(Photo by Matt McGee of Washington state via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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Daniel Bock said...

Nice story! I coach Mackenzie here in Bayonne for All-Stars and I shot the video of the last inning.
The best thing I can say about Mackenzie is, she is what Little League should be all about! Play your heart out, win or lose. Always be respectful to the other players in your dugout or the other teams.
If you seen the video you would see, she lined right up to shake the other teams hands after the last out to complete her Perfect Game! Class act, all the way!
Go Mackenzie,
Danny Bock

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