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If a dinosaur could roar, it might roar it's approval for this special podcast as we go on a bit of a musical archaeology dig to unearth the sounds of progressive rock. Instead of fossilized nostalgia though, concentrating on what is now called "prog rock" and its golden era in the 1970s and 1980s, this program looks primarily at the sounds that have emerged in the past 20 years, with a special emphasis on the best progressive sounds from the past year or so. Still in all, the program covers 40 years of sound stretching back to the beginning of the progressive genre. What does 21st Century progressive rock sound like? Well, join us on our dig. You can't get any deeper down in the underground than with progressive sounds. Somehow, that seems perfect for the underground podcast. And along the way you'll hear some progressive sub-genres too including progressive metal, symphonic metal, and space rock among others. Heavy!

(This podcast is no longer available for download.)


“Dinosaur” by King Crimson
"Predator Feast" by Adrian Belew
“Returning" by Arcana
"Clelia Walking" by Kayo Dot
"Bat Out of Basildon" by The Tangent
"The Wave" by Van der Graaf Generator
“Moonglum/Elric the Enchanter” by Hawkwind
Jeff’s New Wave: “Susan's Strange” by The Psychedelic Furs
Cover Me: "Nights in White Satin" by Gypsy Soul
“Money is Pure Evil” by Bigelf
“A Cry for Everyone” by Gentle Giant
"The Thin Ice" by Tony Levin, Gary Green & Ian Anderson
"Society's Child” by Spooky Tooth
"Thunder Fly" by Marillon
"Wake the Sleeper" by Uriah Heep
Rick's Metal Shoppe: “Lost Northern Star” by Tarja

(Mp3 Runs - 1:33:20; 86 MB.)

The program includes songs with explicit lyrics.

(The photo is by Mykl Roventine of St. Paul, MN
via Flickr, and is used with a Creative Commons license.)

DISCLAIMER: The iVoryTowerz podcast is a non-commercial, non-profit program designed and used for educational purposes. Some of the material contained in this podcast is previously copyrighted but used with permission. Other copyrighted material is reused following fair use guidelines. Any copyright holders who do not wish to have their material used should contact the programmers directly at ivorytowerzradio@att.net and it will be removed. The programmers do not support filesharing and encourage listeners to buy music from the artists featured in this podcast.

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