Football: Showtime with Terrell Owens

by Suzie Raven

I don’t like listening to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens speak during two-minute post-game interviews, so I know I can’t stomach a full hour of him. He might be a great player, but his arrogance drives me nuts. I guess I won’t be watching his reality TV show when it airs in July on cable channel VH1.

The show will chronicle the exploits of Owens off the field, as his close friends Monique Jackson and Kita Williams work as "matchmakers and therapists,” as VH1 tells the media. As an NFL superstar, does Terrell Owens really need help meeting women? I imagine not. And can’t his friends help him sort out his life off the air? You’d think.

But he’ll get more attention by starring in a reality television show than he normally would during the off-season. We can’t expect Owens to spend the next seven months focused only on working out. Staying in shape should be easy for him now that he's turned 35.

Owens needs something else to occupy his time, because he’s already created so many headlines with his attitude. The Philadelphia Eagles traded him to the Cowboys after tensions between him and quarterback Donovan McNabb spiraled out of control. Owens didn’t tone it down when he got to Dallas, causing controversy in 2007 with claims that Jessica Simpson’s presence at games distracted her boyfriend, quarterback Tony Romo.

Owens always gets the attention he seeks, whether it’s by showing off with an extravagant dance in the end zone after he scores a touchdown or by starring in his own TV show. He gets it from television news, print news… and from bloggers who write about him even though they are tired of seeing his face and hearing his voice.

(For more on Terrell "T.O." Owens and his attention seeking ways, please see: "Rocky's Football Corner #4." For more on how Owens pushed Coach Bill Parcells out of Dallas, please see: "Rocky's Football Corner #21." And for those interested in reading about Super Bowl XLIII — which does not feature Owens — please see: "NFL, Super Bowl XLIII, 2009.")

(The photo of Terrell Owens at training camp for the Dallas Cowboys in 2008 is by Tammy Ferrufino, who has released it into the public domain.)

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