Someone Moved Delurking Week 2009... It's Already Here!

Is it too early to start grumping in the New Year? Well, if you want to encourage commentary, perhaps so. But someone moved Delurking Week and didn't send out a memo first, so this blog is a bit peeved. Not to mention, late to the party. Perhaps this is just how the internet works, so as the adage goes: grow up and get used to it.

Traditionally (all of four years), Delurking Week falls on the second full week of January. The full explanation for this internet meme is back in our 2008 celebration, but the credit goes to the blog paper napkin for starting this up. Because of that blog, iVoryTowerz joined the meme in 2007.

The purpose of Delurking Week is to coax shy readers to leave a comment. The idea is that the atmosphere will be one of support to encourage more commentary from readers. Well, usually, this blog is fairly supportive, at least of those who put together sensible comments and conversation. But we'll be on our extra good behavior for the rest of the week. Promise.

This year a group of so-called "mommy bloggers" moved Delurking Week up to Jan. 4. (For those who may disagree with that term, we didn't invent it, but it refers to stay-at-home moms who blog, or mothers who work at part-time jobs when they aren't caring for their families and blogging too. Wouldn't they enjoy the most provocative posting of the past month: "The Marriage Box: Life in Post-Feminist Culture?") Although, some acknowledge the actual dates of Delurking Week are now a matter of controversy. Ironically, paper napkin the originator of this meme seems to be missing out on the new dates too this year, although that blog's founder certainly qualifies as being in the inner circle of mommy bloggers in the U.S.

As noted recently, when this blog passed the 1,000 comments threshold, our group here is statistically more chatty than the typical blog. But we enourage everyone to join the fray this week, and if you don't want to start a discussion or a controversy, just leave a simple "hello" in this post.

However, if you want full-blown discussions, try the most provocative posts on the blog:

  1. "The Dave Clark Five: Who is Kidding Who?"
  2. "Music Review: Phantom Planet's Raise the Dead;"
  3. "TV Review: Flight of the Conchords;"
  4. "Nancy Dis-Grace;" and
  5. "Capitalism & Poverty in America."
Finally, thanks for reading.

(The graphic is an original from Sheryl of Cincinnati the originator of paper napkin who offers her Delurking Week graphics for all to use.)

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