The Millennial Benchmark

This blog turns 1,000 today. Well, not in years. In posts.

A thousand different thoughts by dozens of authors swirling about in the internet maelstrom and the amazing part is usually the result is a fairly cohesive on-line magazine in the form of a blog.

The blog’s odometer clicked over on the millennial posting this afternoon. Symbolically, the piece that got the honors was “Music Review: Bruce Springsteen’s Working on a Dream.” This was perfect in so many ways and not planned, actually, as the line-up of this week’s stories shifted unexpectedly during the past 24 hours. But this is symbolic because many of us live out our writing dreams on this blog. We write about what we like, the way we like it. Not many editors would let us do that, normally. So we live out our dreams by working on the blog.

Another part of the symbolism: a significant number of the blog’s writers appreciate Springsteen.

And although we are fans, Vincent Lee’s review tells you how this blog works. We don’t fawn. We hold art, media, sports, and politics to a high standard. Nobody gets a free pass. You gotta earn your way. Even one of our idols, Springsteen, gets the treatment.

Now, if we can just get the Boss to write a song about the blog, maybe all would be forgiven....

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