George Bush: Farewell and Good Riddance

by Jeff Siegel

How do you say goodbye to someone who never should have been president in the first place? How do you say goodbye to someone who was one of the two or three worst presidents in U.S. history, who leaves behind a failed foreign policy, a failed domestic policy, and a failed economic policy? And, for good measure, if you’re a Republican, how do you say goodbye to the man who almost single-handedly destroyed your party, leaving it little more than a regional shell of what it was, its future dependent on southern Anglo men when the country is becoming less white?

You don’t. Just be damned glad he’s leaving.

George Bush’s un-accomplishments are mind-boggling:

• The fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush attacked the former for no reason at all, and allowed the latter, which really needed our help, to waste away. We won World War II in five years at a cost of $5 trillion in inflation-adjusted dollars. So far, Iraq has cost us $3 trillion over six years, and we didn’t have to fight battles all over the world and take on two of the biggest powers of the day. And this doesn’t include the human cost, which is too damned depressing to note.

• The United States lost 2.6 million jobs in 2008, the worst year since 1945. During Bush’s eight-year, pro-business presidency, we netted only 3 million new jobs. By comparison, 21 million jobs were created in Bill Clinton’s two terms. Which, given how little I think of Clinton, should show how truly abysmal Bush’s performance was.

• The Bush Administration employed at least two attorneys general who figured torture was par for the course and pushed an intelligence bill through Congress that allowed it to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant. The last president who diluted our civil liberties so severely was Abraham Lincoln, and at least he had an excuse — the enemy army was an afternoon’s march from Washington.

• Bush’s reaction to anything that didn’t include making war, like Hurricane Katrina, was half-hearted and aimless. It’s almost as if he was bored. Or, as the late Molly Ivins once wrote: “What you end up with is a guy who sees himself as a perfectly nice fellow — and who is genuinely disconnected from the impact of his decisions on people.”

Those of us who remember Vietnam always thought Richard Nixon was the worst president the country ever had — and the worst we could ever have. Bush has made many of us reconsider that position. My pal Jim Schutze, who writes for the alternative weekly in Dallas, is convinced Bush is not only a war criminal, but should be tried as a war criminal.

Maybe Jim is right. But if we do that, Bush won’t go away. And I want nothing more than for Bush to go away as quickly as possible. We’ve suffered enough.

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Anonymous said...


Jeff Siegel said...

I need to update this, since the president's news conference yesterday was beyond belief. The most outrageous -- and there was a lot to choose from -- was his defense of his Katrina response: "He also argued that if he had visited New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, it would have diverted resources from rescue efforts."

Only Bush would still think we did anything remotely resembling a legitimate rescue effort.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing Bush could have done to make you happy. People like you are so narrow minded and hypocritical it's hard to believe. You’re safe today because of what he did, and to ignore this demonstrates your stupidity. You hide behind the 1st amendment and never contribute anything of valve.

Obama is reneging on many of his campaign promises. Why, because he is learning what he really can do as President, instead of making all kinds of promises just to BUY the election. Shows us two things, his naiveté of the real world and those who voted for him as whores. Those who voted for Obama got BOUGHT. Gutless wonders who complain the world isn’t fair. Tough … GET OVER IT!!

I believe in this country and the principles on which it was founded. Not what you socialists have turned it into. When Obama falls on his ass, the first one of you who starts blaming anyone but him, I will personally take the punishment of the courts after punching their lights out.

SBVOR said...


What is really scary is that you lunatics seem to actually believe your own lies, distortions and propaganda.

A few corrections for you:

1) Click here and here for the undeniable facts on Iraq. The first link embraces the “no-WMD” media created meme while simultaneously demonstrating how irrelevant it really is. The second link explodes (pun intended) that media created myth of “no WMD”.

As for Bush embracing the same myth - Bush knew how futile it would be to challenge the lying propaganda machine that purports to be our “free press”.

Did you notice how effectively that “free press” buried the story of 550 metric tons of yellowcake being transported from Iraq to Canada? The story was out there. But, it was not the front page news that it should have been. I have YET to talk with ANYBODY other than myself who was even AWARE of that story. That is just plain CRIMINAL! You want to try somebody for “war crimes”? Try the G.D. “journalists”!

2) Filed under “lies, damn lies and statistics” (regarding jobs and unemployment) -

A) Click here to expose the abject dishonesty of comparing absolute numbers of jobs lost.

B) Click here for a FAR more honest and credible comparison to previous recessions.

3) It is quite fascinating to see you willfully ignorant lunatics still bellowing about “warrantless wiretaps”. Last July, your own Democratic Congress quite properly resolved the FISA controversy by explicitly and formally declaring these “warrantless wiretaps” to be LEGAL! Even Obama voted in favor of doing so! So, if you want to continue to press your complaints, DIRECT THEM AT OBAMA!

It is an undeniable FACT that President Bush has curtailed civil liberties FAR LESS than ANY wartime President in the entire history of the country. Doubt me? Just ask ANY Japanese American subjected to internment under FDR. MORON!

4) Katrina? Are you freaking kidding me? The chain of responsibility was:

A) Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin - MIA

The buses which formed the backbone of his own evacuation plan sat idle while Nagin looked out for nobody but himself.

B) Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco - MIA

Click here to understand why Nagin and Blanco were, by far, primarily to blame for the delays in securing Federal assistance.

5) Yes, I remember Vietnam. What I recall most clearly is:

A) How badly the media lied about Vietnam, especially about the Tet Offensive. It is no surprise that the same (only worse) media have shamelessly lied about everything from Iraq to the cause of the current housing debacle.

B) The three million Vietnamese and Cambodians who were murdered in cold blood (via Communist Democide) as a DIRECT RESULT of the G.D. Democratic Congress snatching defeat from the jaws of victory through a congressionally mandated surrender.

6) It appears that your minions have now brought the aforementioned Socialist madness home. Obama has just coronated a card carrying Socialist (so to speak) to lord over the angle from which he will implement his overtly Socialist agenda. Heaven help us all! Once Obama nationalizes our energy sector, it will be all over but the crying.

In conclusion, I would note that, like never before, your more powerful than ever socialist propaganda arm has openly admitted to having stolen the election for Obama. The forthcoming documentary “Media Malpractice” should be very instructive. In the interim, this preview sheds some light.

Anonymous said...

What a sorry existence you must live. Millions of people across the country donated what they can afford to elect Obama and put an end to Bush era ignorance and incompetence. You twist the genuine affection and hope for Obama into something negative. Bush was a failure in all aspects, period. There was a republican congress for 12 years, coinciding with a republican president for 8 and it was a disaster for the United States.

Anonymous said...

Hey SBVOR, I think perhaps you might just be frustrated by the epic failure that you seemingly are incapable of grasping.

Bush failed.

He had just as much a chance as any other President in our history to make good on his actions, decisions, and words.

I think most any President would easily say and tell you, its not about how you receive the Union, its how you leave it.

I'll bet you're the type of bitch that has a sticker on their rear window that says "Thanks President Bush."

If you ask me, nothing says "bought" more than that, unless you count the fact you actually believe he did a good job.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Is that guy sbvor (does that mean Some Bore?) serious? That's satire, right?

Has he ever heard of FEMA?

How can anyone believe Iraq had WMD? Not even Bush and Cheney repeat that lie anymore.

Anonymous said...

What planet are those die-hard Bush supporters living on?

SBVOR said...

Anonymous x 4,

As usual, you offer no evidence, no facts, no substantiation, nothing but hateful rhetoric.

This, sadly, is typical of so-called “Liberals”.

How much longer before you implement your “final solution” to rid yourselves of those you harbor so much hatred for?

Rick Rockwell said...

As both moderator and commentator I should have weighed into the contentious comments in this post awhile ago. I was hoping that reason would hold sway.

I need to address the anonymous conservative commentators who make large generalized accusations and never bother to read the responses nor the original posting. Or if they have read them, they haven’t done so carefully. Please take note, as I have pointed out in these pages before, that all the writers here sign their work, unlike the anonymous commentators. We stand by our research and opinions. This is more than those who hide behind anonymity do.

I would ask that those who make the comments about our facts supposedly not being straight and that our comments are filled with invective that such accusers should look in the mirror first. Follow the links that are offered as proof in the anonymous conservative comments (signed by the acronym SBVOR and others) and you won’t find reason. You’ll find partisan dogma. A few items of interest for those who believe we do not weigh our opinions with some nuance: within the first week of the Obama administration we had offered a critical piece. We had preceded that with one noting the disappointment of some progressives in Obama. And many on this blog, this writer included, have written more negative comments about President Obama, while he was running for office than positive. This blog is proof that we criticize politicians of all stripes and we allow debate from all sides.

However, the debate should be fair and honest.

It is not fair and honest when a writer offers factual statistics and they are waved off as “damn lies” with no proof (for those who are always asking for proof) of how those statistics are wrong. (The links back to blogs written by anonymous conservatives do not provide sufficient proof, by the way.)

It is also not fair to pass off mind reading as factual information. What more are we to glean from this statement: “Bush knew how futile it would be to challenge the lying propaganda machine that purports to be our free press.” Bush now admits there was no WMD in Iraq. Unless you have interviewed him and he has given the above quote, what you offer is your own wishful thinking about what you hope is in his mind. Please also note the folks who care about facts asked to have the caption on Bush’s official portrait changed to reflect what the 9/11 Commission found that there was no connection (prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq) between Al Qaeda and the regime of Saddam Hussein. And the mistake was corrected.

By the way, Obama’s position on FISA is one of the reasons this blog has various writers who opposed his nomination and did not support his election. But if you had read this blog instead of assuming our position, you might know that.

As for Katrina, the abject failure of FEMA will go down in history as a nadir in domestic responses to disaster. Please try to sell your ideas about responsibility to folks in New Orleans. Senators of both parties characterized the response of FEMA as slow and dysfunctional. This is not a partisan issue. It is history. It is fact. (And note, although you are big on asking for proof we do not cite Wikipedia here, as it is as notorious as FEMA for getting it wrong.)

Finally, I think many of the writers here who have the guts to sign their work feel there is no longer any need to respond to the dogmatic far rightwing comments of anonymous posters who do not want dialogue or discussion but merely want a place to plaster their losing rhetoric. Please remember, Obama handily defeated McCain. (And I love this new attempt to discredit that win by the conservatives gasping for their last political breath. It too will fail.) Obama won because he ran against the poor Bush record. Just a note: when Bush left office only 22 percent of the country thought he had done a good job. Those 22 percent likely will be deluded for the rest of their lives.

SBVOR said...


I will not dignify your personal attacks any further than to:

1) Refer your open minded readers (IF you have any) back to my previous (fully substantiated) comment.

2) Note that, in that prior comment (and associated links), the fully substantiated facts on Iraq come primarily from:

A) The 9/11 Report (the part the “journalists” chose not to report on)
B) The July, 2004 report from the bipartisan Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
C) The [CIA, post war] Duelfer Report
D) The United Nations Security Council
F) The New York Times
G) A wide range of mainstream media reports (that never made it to the front page)
H) C-Span

3) Note that, contrary to your mythology, President Bush never alleged that there was any smoking gun linking Saddam to 9/11. However, both PBS and the New York Times did publish such claims. These claims may or may not be true. Nobody knows. What is NOT in dispute is that Saddam DID train terrorists at Salman Pak.

Anybody who bothers to examine the objective facts, rather than merely spew mindless partisan rhetoric regurgitated from mindless partisan “journalists” will quickly understand why invading Iraq, was not merely necessary but essential.

4) Note that Dr. Perry at Carpe Diem has further exposed (with objective, non-partisan, quantitative data) what I very accurately exposed (with objective, non-partisan, quantitative data) as “lies, damn lies and statistics” cited by Obama and his fawning “journalists”.

Finally, I would ask of Rick:
Do you think Jews in Nazi Germany would have been wise to conceal their true identities from the Storm Troopers? Why would it be any different when dealing with so-called “Progressives” (the ones favored for decades by CPUSA)?

But, I fully understand. Really, I do. When the facts are not on your side, what do you have left but pathetic personal attacks. But Rick, surely you understand that only the truly desperate resort to the most petty of all personal attacks - attacking the time honored tradition of writing with anonymity. That was low (but typical).

SBVOR said...

P.S.) On Katrina, if you choose to willfully ignore the negligence of the Democratic Mayor and the Democratic Governor and focus solely on the dysfunctional response from FEMA, perhaps you should shift your focus to the general dysfunction of all services provided by all levels of government and then ask yourself why your sort always sees more government as the solution to everything.

Does anybody dispute that the private sector (such as The Red Cross) responded far more competently to Katrina than any branch of government? The private sector generally performs FAR more competently and FAR more effectively than the public sector. And, when they don’t, they immediately suffer the consequences of individuals exercising their free will not to fund them.

Government, by contrast, abuses the force of law in order to ensure that they are NEVER held accountable for ANYTHING! Been to your local DMV lately? Seen anything other than graft, corruption, waste and incompetence from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? The massive bureaucracy which is now FDR’s SEC had the Madoff Ponzi scheme handed to them on a silver platter and STILL they did NOTHING! How will MORE government bureaucracies make our lives any better?

Usually, the biggest problems associated with the Private Sector are a direct result of government created perversions. The 1977 CRA and all subsequent “enhancements” is a classic example of government utterly eliminating all “moral hazard”. When Clinton “enhanced” the CRA to mandate that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would lower their requirements on lending standards, all “moral hazard” associated with originating bad loans went right out the window. From that point forward, every lender knew they could originate bad loans and then sell those loans to Fannie or Freddie. The lenders got the loan origination profits and all “moral hazard” associated with these bad loans got shifted to the tax payer (and, we tax payers - and all other citizens - are now paying the piper).

Simpletons blame the Private Sector for immoral behavior when it was the Public Sector which ensured that this immoral behavior would be richly rewarded.

Government is the PROBLEM and NOT the solution! We need FAR less government intrusion at every level!

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