Zappadan Finale 2008

(Editor's Note: This is the last day of the Festival of Zappadan, a virtual solstice music and satire festival begun by the folks at The Aristocrats. To see the history of the festival, please go here. To see this blog's kickoff for this year's festival, please go here. Our podcast tribute can be found here.)

For the final day of Zappadan, a festival of links to various parts of the internet so late-comers can celebrate the festival in style.

Zappadan Links

The best Zappadan celebration, of course, comes at Zappadan Headquarters at The Aristocrats:

  • Frank Zappa's cameo in Head, the Monkees' feature film.

  • Zappadan celebration and commentary on Rolling Stone.

  • "Zombie Woof, Part I," not the song, but rather a satire on what passes as news-talk television, punditry, and the type of blow-hards Zappa loved to send up, this one written by Mark Hoback, the ringleader at The Aristocrats.

  • "Zarchives (2006)," which contains part of the spoof Wikipedia entry that was officially posted on that wiki-encyclopedia for some time during the first year of Zappadan.
Other notable Zappadan posts:
Happy Birthday FZ!
All hail the finale of Zappadan!
Please remember to check the Pandora music list for some suggested Zappa music before Zappadan ends.
And now a tune to send us out until next year....

(The photo is © 1977 Mark Estabrook; the copyright holder allows anyone to use the photo for any purpose, provided that the copyright holder is properly attributed. The photo shows Frank Zappa playing in Austin, Texas in 1977. The video is Frank Zappa and his band playing "Black Napkins" at a concert in Barcelona, Spain, from the last world tour by FZ in 1988.)

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mark h said...

Thanks for being a big part of Zappadan this year!

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