Zappadan 2008

by Rick Rockwell

Welcome to the third annual festival of Zappadan!

What? You say there are already too many festivals competing for attention during this change of season? Well, to each their own during the holidays, no?

But, you may respond, you don't know anything about Zappadan. So why celebrate?

No problem. We took care of finding out all those details last year. Please check out this longer archival posting, so you can get the full context and background. The short answer though is this festival honors musician, free speech advocate and satirist Frank Zappa for 18 days, bracketed by the anniversaries of his death and his birth (Dec. 4 through Dec. 21).

But we have to admit that we start the festival this year with a bit of contrition. Yes, we realize this is very Catholic. But Zappa also shares this heritage so we're guessing he would understand.

This blog didn't even discover the festival of Zappadan until last year's activities were almost concluded. (At least, we were able to celebrate Zappadan on the iVoryTowerz podcast before all the fun was over.) So this year, we'll be sure to bracket the entire event properly. One of the only requirements of Zappadan (unlike so much else at this time of year) is to show some appreciation for some of Zappa's work in your own special way. So please be watching this blog's Pandora sidebar to see how the festival evolves (not to mention giving you some ideas for items to play from the wide Zappa catalogue of music).

All the credit for this wonderful celebration goes to The Aristocrats, which invented the idea and has spread word of the wonders of Zappadan for the past three years. The blog even has a new logo drawn up for the proceedings, which you can see lurking somewhere to the left of this post.

So please enjoy, and we'll leave you with a musical postscript below for good measure too. Please remember, Zappadan Rocks! And that means you should celebrate at the appropriate volume. Turn it up.

(The photo of Frank Zappa performing in Oslo, Norway in 1977 is by Helge Øverås, using a Creative Commons license. To hear some of the holiday podcast from last year with a special nod to Zappadan, please go here. To see Zappa performing "Watermelon in Easter Hay" in Barcelona, Spain in 1988, please check below.)

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mark hoback said...

Thanks, Rick, and a Merry Zappadan to you.

Rick Rockwell said...

Mark, you are more than welcome! Folks need to know the biggest and best Zappadan celebration (not to mention the funniest) (oops, but I guess I just mentioned it) can be found on The Aristocrats, the real originators. I urge everyone to use the link and jump over after playing the tunes here.

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