A Thousand Comments, A Thousand Thanks

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but now this blog is worth at least a thousand comments. Earlier today, the iVoryTowerz blog passed the 1,000 comment threshold. This is the first landmark we have passed, in the way of comments to posts, since December of 2006. (Please see "Centennial Commentary," for more.)

So thanks to all who leave comments, be they part of the regular writing staff, regular readers, or those just passing through.

Suzie Raven, who is part of the regular writing staff gets the credit for leaving comment #1,000. She made it as part of a discussion, mainly among the writers here, in response to Kit-Bacon Gressitt's latest commentary ("The Bush Family Values: Lying, Cheating & Stealing").

Of course, who knows what would have been the real comment to reach the 1,000 mark? During the past two years, Google has erased a few comments. Let's not get into the details of that, but that certainly adjusted the count. Also, your sometimes friendly editor has spiked dozens of comments that were mainly commercials for a wide variety of products (everything from mattresses and swimming pools to religious groups and pharmaceuticals). Just spiking the amount of spam comments from pornography sites and prostitutes has at times seemed like a full-time job in itself. So yes, the comments are screened, but we have never spiked a comment because we disagreed with it. We have only spiked spammers or those attempting to use the site for their own financial gain rather than contributing to the reading community.

Those who know us know this blog is not afraid of controversy nor argument. Just look at the most provocative posts:

  1. "The Dave Clark Five: Who is Kidding Who?"
  2. "Music Review: Phantom Planet's Raise the Dead;"
  3. "TV Review: Flight of the Conchords;" and
  4. "Nancy Dis-Grace."
Some of those arguments are still gathering comments, many months later. As we have learned, although a piece is published on a particular day, the comments and discussion may carry on for a long while afterward.

For all the intricacies of the statistics regarding blog commentary, please go back to "Centennial Commentary." But without getting too obsessive, what we have also learned is our readers comment at just a touch of a higher frequency than a typical blog. Of course, more traffic means more comments, and yes, many of the most provocative pieces are some of the pieces with the most readership on the blog.

But we have also learned to be thankful for the pithy, well-thought out comment. We get many of these, even if not every post is lucky enough for these wonderful postscripts. Thanks for reading and commenting. We'll keep up our end as long as the audience is interested and participating.

(Graphic from radicalgraphics.org, which offers its material for free.)

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lacochran said...

Congrats! (Happy to up your comment numbers. :) )

Rick Rockwell said...

Welcome to our humble blog, lacochran! Thanks for adding to this week's commentfest and our overall number. You have helped us set the open mood for some great conversations in a variety of posts this week.

If I may, could I direct you to ”Capitalism & Poverty in America” where a heated debate was rejoined this week. It would certainly have been included in the top five most provocative posts if these comments had landed just a day earlier.

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