New Year's Eve Musical Interlude

Who knows when this blog will reawaken and discover 2009 is well underway? So until that time, appropriately, a musical interlude to tide all the revelers over. Please check out the embedded music video below from Death Cab for Cutie ("The New Year"). And if that isn't enough to ring your bells on New Year's Eve (because the television fare is the usual horrible dreck) then may we politely suggest putting the latest iVoryTowerz Radio podcast in your ipod while you sip your champagne. You can find the latest podcast playlist and link here. And if 2008 was the year of hope and promise then we send forth our wish for a year of action and promises enacted into real change in 2009. Rock on into the new year!

(The photo is of a fireworks display on New Year's Eve 2007 in Austin, TX; the photo is by motleypixel of Round Rock, TX via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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