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Not that the underground podcast is having to stoop to using the tactics of shock jocks and blue radio, but mature subject matter is certainly on board this week. The lyrics, as usual, are much rougher than anything your gentlemen hosts would usually say. Nevertheless, this podcast has a late fall mood, adult topic matter, and the presence of some of major forces in music. Dylan, Bowie, Simon, McCartney, and even Zappa get their due on this program, plus quite a few of our other favorites. (Hey, it wouldn't be December without our annual nod to Zappadan.) This show moves from the avant-garde and eclectic, through electronica, new wave, post-punk, metal, blues, and folk. Tune us in and we'll put a smile on your face.

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“Radio Heart” by The Futureheads
Jeff’s New Wave: “Is That Love?” by Squeeze
"Sarah" by Ray Lamontagne
“Song for Janie" by Tim Buckley
"Duet" by Rachel Yamagata
"American Tune" by Paul Simon
"Keep Me in Your Heart" by Warren Zevon
“32-20 Blues” by Bob Dylan
“The Red Rooster” by Howlin' Wolf
“Long Neck Bottles” by Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band
"Dirty Love" by Frank Zappa
"4-4-4” by The Fireman
"Fresh Born" by Deerhoof
"Five Years" by The Postmarks
Cover Me: "Fame" by Scott Weiland
Rick's Metal Shoppe: “Under My Thumb” by Ministry

(Mp3 Runs - 1:24:45; 78 MB.)

Program contains explicit lyrics.

(The graphic is by Mike Licht from NotionsCapital.com via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License.)

DISCLAIMER: The iVoryTowerz podcast is a non-commercial, non-profit program designed and used for educational purposes. Some of the material contained in this podcast is previously copyrighted but used with permission. Other copyrighted material is reused following fair use guidelines. Any copyright holders who do not wish to have their material used should contact the programmers directly at ivorytowerzradio@att.net and it will be removed. The programmers do not support filesharing and encourage listeners to buy music from the artists featured in this podcast.

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