Holiday Spirit 2008

This blog will be closed for the seasonal holidays for the next few days. Please enjoy this special time with family and friends. We wish you all the best during this wonderful time of year. As is our tradition, to tide you over during the holiday break, a poem, and of course, some seasonal music. Happy Holidays!

A Short Testament

…And then there are all the wounded,

The poor the deaf the lonely and the old,

Whom I have roughly dismissed,

As if I were not one of them.

Where I have wronged them by it,

And cannot make amends,

I ask you,

To comfort them to overflowing....

– Anne Porter

(In that spirit, please consider the video below of "Do They Know It's Christmas." This was the first major project by Bob Geldof [BKE], 24 years ago, to bring aid to Africa. This project was aimed at famine relief in Ethiopia. Geldof's work sparked further activism in the U.S. meant to better these Irish-British efforts and the results were "We Are the World," Hands Across America and other fund-raisers. Please note the superstar musicians in the video who have continued to work with Geldof or with the spirit of this project by providing development aid to Africa. Geldof's lobbying for more aid continues through his efforts on the Africa Progress Panel.)

(Photo by derekadk of Australia via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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