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Every fall, it seems new relatives pop up for the iVoryTowerz blog. This fall, the blog has two younger cousins. And if you haven't checked them out, why not give them a read, or a listen.

First, there's Ward's Kitchen. We are sworn to secrecy about the origins of the name of this blog but a few excerpts have popped up here in the past few months, including the recent "Are Newspapers Headed to Extinction?" and the popular "Films: Watchmen, the Darkest Night." The blog is written by students in the Global Media/Global Politics learning community at American University. You might be surprised at the sophistication of some of the posts. So why not give it a read? Readers in 24 states and territories plus 23 countries have already beaten you to this new blog, by the way.

And then there's The Rock Report. The name is less an honorific to your sometimes confused editor here and more a commentary on the attitude of this weekly news report. But this new report is less of a blog and more of a frame to hold the weekly Rock Report podcast. You can stream or download the latest podcast by clicking here (which includes reports about the current debate on Capitol Hill regarding the proposed bailout for automakers). Or you can find it on iTunes. Why not give it a listen? Folks on three continents already have. This podcast is produced by broadcast students at American University.

And we now return you to your usual blog fare. Please pardon this cross-promotional announcement.

(Photo by Valerie Everett of Indianapolis, IN via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

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