NFL: Week Six, 2008

by Rick Rockwell

Another week without a formal column, but no matter, as we all try to make sense out of a seemingly unpredictable season, at least so far. As is our way, these days, just a few questions and a statement before the picks. For all who thought Brett Favre was headed out to a team without a chance this year, is it Favre making the difference on the Jets, or something else? And will the conventional wisdom revert again this week if the Bengals pull an upset in New York? Why is a Patriots-Chargers matchup looking like a mediocre game instead of a rematch of the AFC Championship game? Do Jim Zorn and D.C.'s favorite team have the NFL equivalent of a weak homecoming opponent when they face the Rams? After the Atlanta Falcons cleaned house are they now one of those surprise upstart teams that inevitably make NFL seasons fun and tough to predict? If Laywer Milloy and Atlanta's defense can confuse Bears quarterback Kyle Orton enough this week, and Matt Ryan can read the Bears' blitz package, the Falcons will assuredly rank as one of the unpredictable forces of the early part of the season. And now, the picks are after the jump....

Week 6 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Bears at Falcons (Falcons)
Upset Special: Panthers at Buccaneers (Panthers)

Packers at Seahawks (Seahawks)
Raiders at Saints (Saints)
Bengals at Jets (Jets)
Patriots at Chargers (Chargers)
Giants at Browns (Giants)
Jaguars at Broncos (Jaguars)
Dolphins at Texans (Texans)
Ravens at Colts (Colts)
Cowboys at Cardinals (Cowboys)
Eagles at 49ers (Eagles)
Rams at Washington (Washington)
Lions at Vikings (Vikings)

Last Week: .643
2008 Season: .635

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