NFL: Week Seven, 2008

by Rick Rockwell

An actual column is threatening on the horizon at the season's midpoint, but not this week: many questions and a statement, as is our practice now. First, why should we care about the tumble from supposed greatness (or was it mere hyperbole?) of the Dallas Cowboys, the team anointed by HBO and the football pundits to win it all? Are the NFC North and South divisions the best examples of parity in the National Football League (NFL) in years? Are the Cardinals reaping the rewards of giving Kurt Warner another chance to lead a team, instead of following the pundits' advice about going with that hotshot from USC? With their injuries and a mediocre record, have the Patriots proved the Super Bowl jinx is true? Did anyone predict the Titans would be the top team in the league without Vince Young at the helm? Have the Browns revived themselves or is this the typical tease for fans before a bigger swoon? Are the Bills worthy of their place atop the AFC East? If the Bills beat the oddly inconsistent Chargers this week, that should be a sufficient test. And now, the picks are after the jump....

Week 7 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Chargers at Bills (Bills)
Upset Special: Vikings at Bears (Vikings)

Seahawks at Buccaneers (Buccaneers)
Ravens at Dolphins (Dolphins)
Broncos at Patriots (Patriots)
Colts at Packers (Packers)
Browns at Washington (Browns)
Cowboys at Rams (Rams)
Jets at Raiders (Jets)
Steelers at Bengals (Steelers)
Saints at Panthers (Panthers)
Lions at Texans (Texans)
49ers at Giants (Giants)
Titans at Chiefs (Titans)

Last Week: .643
2008 Season: .636

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    Turk said...

    The Browns seem to have gotten their act together as the offense clicked and the defense did what it is expected to do. This Sunday's game should be a good indication of whether or not the Browns are the real deal as they face a vulnerable Redskins team. If DA and Braylon can keep their mojo working, I don't think DC has an answer, and the Browns can salvage the season.

    Rick Rockwell said...


    As you know, there are several folks who cheer for the Browns and who read (and sometimes write) for this blog.
    I agree with your thinking. If the Browns look as sharp as they were against the Giants (a game I actually watched!) they should get past Zorn and his bunch, but it won't be easy.

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