NFL: Week Nine, 2008

by Rick Rockwell

Promises. Promises. Promises. This space was threatening to breakout into an actual piece of sports commentary this week, but again, the non-column returns. You know the drill: too many questions and not enough answers. Even in the tough AFC South, do the Titans have an insurmountable lead? Which team is worse: the Lions or 49ers? And shouldn't the Bengals be on that list too? Why do both the Colts and Patriots seem to be reeling this year? Despite their loss in Dallas, do the Buccaneers have their mojo back? Does anyone want to win the AFC West? And if so, why are the Broncos and Chargers so inconsistent? If the Steelers can't beat any of the leaders in the NFC East, what does that mean for their stretch run? And if Coach Jim Zorn and his excitable bunch in D.C. beat the Steelers, will they finally get some respect? If the Steelers can finally pick up a blitz or two, they may edge past D.C.'s favorites for a close win. And now, the picks are after the jump....

Week 9 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week / Upset Special: Steelers at Washington (Steelers)

Dolphins at Broncos (Broncos)
Texans at Vikings (Vikings)
Falcons at Raiders (Falcons)
Cardinals at Rams (Cardinals)
Packers at Titans (Titans)
Patriots at Colts (Colts)
Buccaneers at Chiefs (Buccaneers)
Jets at Bills (Bills)
Cowboys at Giants (Giants)
Eagles at Seahawks (Eagles)
Lions at Bears (Bears)
Ravens at Browns (Browns)
Jaguars at Bengals (Jaguars)

Last Week: .643
2008 Season: .647

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