iVoryTowerz Radio: From the Archives, No. 4

Again, the fall travel schedule intervenes and the underground podcast must dig into the secret archives for one of the best but relatively undiscovered programs of 2007. On this program, you can definitely hear the roots of how this guerrilla radio program came together. That's apparent from the beginning as the show highlights a classic from The Clash and then attempts to match that high standard throughout. So there's punk rock, both old and new, along with alternative rock, soul and some straight-up rockers. And what would an archival show be without a trip into the garage too. Reposted at least for a limited time so listen and please enjoy!

(This podcast is no longer available.)


“Radio Clash” by The Clash
"Broken Boy Soldier" by The Raconteurs
“Bomb. Repeat. Bomb." by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
"Shootin' Out Your Lights" by The Vectors
Jeff’s New Wave: “Semaphore Signals” by Wreckless Eric
Rick's Metal Shoppe: “Gears of War” by Megadeth
"Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" by Jet
"Someone Who'll Treat You Right Now" by The Lyres
“Camaro” by The Kings of Leon
“The Weight” by The Band
“Train Song (Demise of the Caboose)” by Victoria Williams
"Casey Jones” by The Grateful Dead
Cover Me: "Twistin' the Night Away" by The Faces
"She's Gone" by Darryl Hall & John Oates
"I've Got to Use my Imagination" by Gladys Knight & The Pips
"Do Yourself a Favor" by Stevie Wonder

(Mp3 Runs - 1:27:01; 80 MB.) Program contains explicit lyrics.

(The photo is by Wistreize of Bulle, Switzerland via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.)

DISCLAIMER: The iVoryTowerz podcast is a non-commercial, non-profit program designed and used for educational purposes. Some of the material contained in this podcast is previously copyrighted but used with permission. Other copyrighted material is reused following fair use guidelines. Any copyright holders who do not wish to have their material used should contact the programmers directly at ivorytowerzradio@att.net and it will be removed. The programmers do not support filesharing and encourage listeners to buy music from the artists featured in this podcast.

Originally podcast as iVoryTowerz No. 24.

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