NFL: Week Two, 2008

by Rick Rockwell

As is the custom here sometimes, no formal column this week, just the picks, some questions, and an observation. First, the questions. Does the injury to Tom Brady already take the Patriots out of the mix of playoff contenders, even this early in the season? Does this open up the door for the Bills and Jets to compete in the AFC East which is usually a lock for the Patriots? Does this make Brett Favre's decision to go to the Jets seem brilliant now? Speaking of quarterbacks, what's up with Vince Young in Tennessee? Will the Titans be better with Kerry Collins at the helm? Is the black and blue festival known as the bi-seasonal tilt between the Raiders and the Chiefs really a match between the two worst teams in the league? Despite the genius of the Evil Emperor of Raider Nation (Al Davis) doesn't it look like JaMarcus Russell needs to learn quarterbacking in the NFL before he starts, perhaps for another season or two? Isn't Aaron Rodgers of the Packers the best example of a quarterback who was seasoned properly behind the best? Are you listening Matt Leinart? And, despite the obvious strength of the Eagles in their first game, is it treachery to be picking against the Hero Team already in Week Two? The truth: the Cowboys are just too strong at home. And now, the picks are after the jump....

Week 2 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Eagles at Cowboys (Cowboys)
Upset Special: Titans at Bengals (Titans)

Patriots at Jets (Jets)
Colts at Vikings (Colts)
Steelers at Browns (Browns)
Raiders at Chiefs (Chiefs)
Saints at Washington (Washington)
Dolphins at Cardinals (Cardinals)
Falcons at Buccaneers (Falcons)
Chargers at Broncos (Chargers)
Bills at Jaguars (Jaguars)
Packers at Lions (Packers)
Bears at Panthers (Panthers)
49ers at Seahawks (Seahawks)
Ravens at Texans (Texans)
Giants at Rams (Giants)

Last Week: .688
2007 Season: .682
2006 Season: .588

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    Scotus said...

    Hey, Rick. Even without Brady, I think the Pats are still a playoff team. No longer the prohibitive favorite to win the AFC (although, even before Brady's injury, I noticed that the Chargers were the trendy AFC pick among the experts), but still the best team in the division.

    Having said that, based on what we saw in week one, I think we're looking at a Cowboys/Steelers Super Bowl.

    Rick Rockwell said...


    You are the real pro when it comes to picking games (and good to see you here, as always). So I will not question your wisdom. But I also think it is too early in the season to know too much. So I won't hold you to that prediction so far out. But I will bow in your direction and remember you called it here just a shade out of Week 1.

    Yes, both the Steelers and Cowboys looked like Panzer divisions during the first week, but the Cowboys have looked that way before... just last season if I recall.

    I find myself uncomfortably with the trendy pick artists who see the Browns giving the Steelers a big fight this year. I guess Sunday will tell that tale... and this year... I've got the Browns at least for Round 1.

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