NFL: Week Four, 2008

by Rick Rockwell

As is the custom lately, no formal column but some interesting questions and an observation. Have teams in the NFC East laid all doubters to rest? That aside, are all the bumps and bruises on the Eagles the beginning of the annual Hero Team hex, or just the normal bumps and bruises of a hard knocks football season? Are the Cowboys the Patriots of 2008? And what does that make the Patriots? Will they be like last year's Bears? And what happened to those Bears after they surprised the Colts opening week? Now that Marc Bulger is riding the pine in St. Louis, and the Cardinals still have a winning record, are Rams fans wondering why the team got rid of Kurt Warner in the first place? Can the Titans manage to win the AFC South without Vince Young? Is the Evil Emperor of the Raiders (Al Davis) crazy like a fox to threaten his coach's job after just three games? Are the Ravens everything the pundits say, or have they just played some mediocre to poor teams? We'll find out this week, as the Ravens defense looks like it is in its old form and the Steelers' offensive line needs to figure out how to block while fending off blitzes. And now, the picks are after the jump....

Week 4 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Ravens at Steelers (Steelers)
Upset Special: Packers at Buccaneers (Packers)

Texans at Jaguars (Jaguars)
Browns at Bengals (Bengals)
49ers at Saints (49ers)
Cardinals at Jets (Jets)
Vikings at Titans (Titans)
Washington at Dallas (Dallas)
Bills at Rams (Bills)
Falcons at Panthers (Panthers)
Eagles at Bears (Eagles)
Chargers at Raiders (Chargers)
Broncos at Chiefs (Broncos)

Last Week: .750
2008 Season: .660

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