President Bush & the Tee Ball Initiative

by R. J. Forman*

After signing a $162 billion plan to pay for war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for the rest of his presidency…

After pausing to call Zimbabwe’s election a “sham” yet doing nothing about it…

After returning from yet another weekend away from the White House…

...President George W. Bush took an important, bipartisan step on Monday.

He watched some kids play tee ball.

Two little league tee ball teams, chock full of young Hispanic children, took to the South Lawn to face-off in a breath-baiting game.

From Manati, Puerto Rico, the Little Angels faced the Red Sox from Camden, New Jersey.

The score was not kept.

NBC’s Natalie Morales called the game and butchered “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Menudo (the new one) performed.

Republicans clapped in their Pink brand bowties and Vineyard Vines summer-wear.

The media ate it up with spoons.

Have you ever watched tee ball?

It’s really boring… in this instance in particular.

That is until… No. 30 of the Camden, NJ Red Sox took a ball to the face.

Blood spilled from his nose as first baseman Andy Fortuna was carried off the field by team manager Angel Nieves.

They fixed up Fortuna and got him a hug from his mom then put him in the outfield.

Other than the afore mentioned bloody nose, Monday’s game had little to note.

Roberto Clemente, Jr. acted as Little League commissioner for the day, first base was coached by former World Series MVP, Jose Rijo and third base was coached by the Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez.

President Bush launched this White House Tee Ball Initiative in 2001.

It was launched to honor the role of baseball in American history and the idea that baseball and tee ball encourage teamwork among American children.

If that’s the main idea maybe the Democrats and Republicans ought to be mixed up on teams and have weekly games.

*R. J. Forman was on hand to watch this ceremonial tee ball game, the opener to the season for tee ball on the White House lawn.

(In the photo, President George W. Bush hands a ceremonial baseball to a player for the Camden Red Sox accompanied by Roberto Clemente, Jr. and the official mascot of Little League. The photo is by White House photographer Eric Draper and is in the public domain.)

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Rick Rockwell said...

Three more reasons why I refuse to watch what passes for news on morning television: Natalie Morales, her singing, and her colleagues' insipid coverage. You can see it here if you care for mild video torture.

Thus proving: the media that cover Bush are often as bad as the subject they cover.

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