Construction Zone

With summer comes the inevitable construction projects. You can't escape them, even in the blogosphere.

This is a warning to our regular readers that this blog will be undertaking major redesign during the next few days. The construction team worked a bit after midnight to rough in a new design for the blog.

Readers may not have asked for it, but several of the writers here suggested we switch to the new Blogger template. We'll post a full update (perhaps in the comments section of this post) after the redesign is complete. Of course, readers are welcome to comment too about the changes, but please realize for the moment it is a work in progress.

The biggest change? A new URL for the entire blog. We can now be found at: (http://www.ivorytowerz.com). No more "blogspot" in the address.

Why change now? Well, summer means lower traffic, and we wanted to do this with the least amount of bother for readers. Thanks for understanding as the project moves forward.

(Photo by tanakawho of Tokyo, Japan via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License.)

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Rick Rockwell said...

After tinkering during the past three days, most of the redesign is finished. There still may be a few tweaks. Beyond a new template, plenty of links and other material have moved to new places.

We may put a few more tweaks in during the next week.

Thanks for putting up with our dust.

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