Music Review: Weezer's Red Album

Most of the post originally in this space has been removed for a number of editorial problems.

Please see the comments section for more details.

We apologize for the problems caused by this posting. A more detailed apology can be seen in the comments section.

To see Weezer’s video for the single “Pork and Beans,” please go here.
To read about Weezer and power pop, please go here.
To see Weezer’s website, please go here.

(The promotional photo of Weezer is from MCA/Geffen Records. To see Weezer performing "Perfect Situation" from the band's previous release Make Believe in Japan in 2005, please check below.)

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e.boye said...

It's probably wise to ask Justin Wilder to stop plagiarizing other writers' work when he contributes to your blog. If he must steal someone else's words, it's probably even better to not use the ones from Rolling Stone.


Christopher said...

Yeah, thats pretty bad... It's almost word for word, thesarusized (I made up a word!).

Anyway, clearly, someone is slacking.

Rick Rockwell said...

First, let me start with an apology, which is the least we can offer in this circumstance. I want to apologize to our readers, because we did not spot this issue before publication. Readers trust us to provide a fresh view and we let them down.

Second, I’d like to thank the sharp-eyed reader who left the note about this problem. We would not have known about the problem, because most of us aren’t readers of Rolling Stone.

Third, even though it pains me to say this, we also owe an apology to Rolling Stone.

We will be removing this review because it also clearly has copyright problems. We have waited until this point to allow the person who brought this post to us a chance to respond. Although that person says he did not consult any article, he has not responded here publicly. Also, he presents no explanation for the high number of similarities between these pieces. We wanted to give him a reasonable amount of time to respond and defend his actions.

It should be noted that we dealt with this issue within 24 hours of being notified.

Although the person who presented this post as original denies there is a problem, our belief is this is what is at issue:

Although the only lines that were lifted directly from Rolling Stone were Weezer lyrics and a few phrasings within sentences, it is clear this piece drew directly from the Rolling Stone article. Indeed, if you read the original Rolling Stone review of Weezer you will see that it served as a template for this post. This post rewrites much of what was in the original in the same order and sequence, and follows the same thematic lines. It is clearly a knockoff. So we are removing the offensive knockoff.

Finally, we owe an apology to Weezer. The least you can do when reviewing a band is listen to the record and write something original about it. We will renew our efforts to do a better job on all these fronts in the future.

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