Hillary Clinton Wins the Nomination, West Wing-Style

by Jeff Siegel

I have finally figured out why Hillary Clinton thinks she can win the Democratic nomination. She thinks she is on The West Wing TV show.

In 2000, when former Vice President Al Gore wasn't elected president, he lost West Virginia. This was only the fourth time that a Republican had won West Virginia in the past 100 years. If Gore had won West Virginia, he would have been elected, regardless of Florida, the Supreme Court or any other shenanigans.

And the reason Gore didn't win West Virginia? One theory blames The West Wing, which detailed the struggles of a wonderfully liberal Democratic president trying to save the country from the GOP forces of evil between 1999 and 2006. Just before the 2000 election, a fictitious hate group from West Virginia tried to kill the president's African-American aide because he was dating the president's daughter. Gore lost West Virginia. Enough said.

So why else would Mrs. Clinton be so ecstatic about winning West Virginia's primary in a landslide on Tuesday? It's not like it changed much in the nomination process, save to prove Sen. Clinton (D-NY) can win West Virginia. [Ominous music here.] Which Gore didn't do.

Follow the evidence: The Clintons are pals with Hollywood types Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth Thomason, whose company created Designing Women, a show about a wonderfully liberal group of interior decorators trying to save Atlanta from the GOP forces of home improvement evil. Designing Women star Dixie Carter is married to Hal Holbrook. Holbrook played an assistant secretary of state on a couple of West Wing episodes in 2001 and 2002.

Silly? Perhaps. But this makes as much sense as any other reason for Mrs. Clinton to still be in the race.

Maybe she can hang on until the convention, when some quirk of fate — a picture of Barack Obama drinking tea with Osama bin Laden, perhaps — will change the course of history. But that's the kind of stuff that only happens on TV shows.

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(Photo of Sen. Hillary Clinton campaigning in Eugene, Oregon in April by Jonathan Lidbeck (JonDiss) of Eugene, OR via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License. To see the take of another television program, Saturday Night Live, on the Clinton campaign, please check the clip below.)

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Anonymous said...

Hillary is hoping that we will find out some dreadful news about Obama, like perhaps that Obama had an extra marital affair with Paola Jones or Gennifer Flowers or maybe that Obama invested in a questionable real estate deal in Arkansas or maybe that "Obama did not have sexual intercourse with that woman, Monica Lewinsky"

That things would ruin him for sure!

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