Farewell to a Founder

Today, we say farewell to one of this blog's founding writers, Caitlin Servilio.

Caitlin proved to be a writer with elegant phrasing who lived to experience the D.C. music scene, and often we were honored with her descriptions of what she found.

Although often more interested in the artistic foundations of writing, music, and art, Caitlin also proved to have natural journalistic instincts. When she picked up the phone to call the founder of Pandora, Tim Westergren, her short series on the music service was the result. It is still her most popular posting on this blog, and set a tone early on for the entire staff.

Caitlin has focused on a variety of other projects in 2008, so we haven't seen her prose around these parts for too long. But for those who haven't sampled her writing, here are a few of her better pieces:

Good luck Caitlin in your other pursuits!

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