Blame Canada for Clubbing the Seals

by Robin Forman

Canada, what is up with you?!

You used to be held in my highest regard what with your health care plans and all….


You know how people who are educated and witty sometimes joke in an off-color fashion about clubbing baby seals?

Well guess who does club baby seals?


Actually, to be fair, the clubbing of baby seals was outlawed 25 years ago.

But they still do club seals and baby seals: it's the annual seal “cull” that is well underway this week.

Canada set the limit for this year's harvest at 275,000 harp seals and you’re not supposed to kill the babies anymore.

They also revised the killing laws so that they could make the hunt more “humane.” But it’s very hard to monitor the killing. If your sick, little heart desires, you can find footage of hunters clubbing seals, or even stepping on their skulls smashing them into the ice.

It’s just so barbaric.

The reason the seals are clubbed as opposed to harpooned or shot is to preserve the pelt. Seal fur products are very popular in Russia, Newfoundland, Norway, and a bunch of other cold and cold-hearted countries. The seals’ blubber is also used for oil and their meat eaten.

Just a little while back, some protestors clashed with the hunters, then the hunters drove their boat into the inflatable raft used by the protestors. And what else did the hunters do? They threw seal guts at the protestors. These people are despicable.

I get eating meat. And I get the need for alternative fuels…but, seriously? Animals should never be used as alternative fuels. I can’t believe I even had to write out that sentence “animals should never be used as alternative fuels.” I’ll get off of my animal rights platform for just a moment and tell you that if we use some kind of animal as fuel we will wipe that animal out too just as we’re depleting fossil fuels at an alarming rate.

This annual seal hunt is the largest hunt of marine mammals in the world. I can’t believe Canada, home of quasi-French culture and free universal health care, has topped my shit list for hunting marine life. The Canadians even beat out Japan and its whale hunters.

(Editor's Note: For those interested in stopping the seal hunt, please go here.)

(Photo of seals in Quebec, Canada by michelphoto53 via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License.)

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