Album Review: Flight of the Conchords

by Justin Wilder
Special to iVoryTowerz

With a second season of their HBO show on the way, New Zealand's Flight of the Conchords have released their first LP through Sub Pop Records. (The comedy duo won a Grammy for best comedy album this year for their EP The Distant Future, also on Sub Pop.) As a big fan of the show, I was excited about this new album, hoping to be blown away by the creative genius of band members Brett McKenzie and Jermaine Clement. (For a different view of the duo's television series, please see, "TV Review: Flight of the Conchords.") This eponymous album, however, is just an average record. But an average record for the Conchords is still much better than most.

All of the material is funny and there is plenty of genre variation between the songs. Some of the album highlights include: the Stevie Wonder-inspired "Think About It" (Note the lyrics: "Man is lying on the street / Some punks chopped off his head/I'm the only one who stops, to see if he's dead...turns out he's dead"); the classic funk grooves of "Business Time" which has been quoted repeatedly on ESPN's SportsCenter; and the faux-balladry of "A Kiss Is Not a Contract" (That song includes this hilarious line: "Just because I'm in a two man novelty band doesn't mean it's all about poontang").

The biggest problem with the disc is that the songs lack the comedic setups that the HBO show provides. On their own, some of tracks don't make as much sense, as some references get lost and the videos that the Conchords create for the songs are part of the fun of watching the show. There is only one new song included on this release and it is only twenty-two seconds long. Apparently, Sub Pop was content with allowing the duo to release a disc of older material. Not that this is a problem but you could just go out and buy Flight of the Conchords: Season One on DVD and get all of the same tracks PLUS the added bonus of being able to laugh at the antics of these hilariously awkward kiwis.

(Promotional photo of Flight of the Conchords from Sub Pop Records. Flight of the Conchords will make an in-store appearance and perform at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA, today, April 24, in advance of the duo's U.S. tour which begins in May. To see Flight of the Conchords perform "Business Time," please check below.)

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