Whaling on the Japanese Whalers

by Robin Forman

Call me Ishmael.

Actually, call me pissed at Japan.

Every year, Japan slinks around the whaling sonar using the guise of killing whales “in the name of science.”

Every year.

Everyone knows that they’re not killing the whales in the name of science.

Well, I mean everyone knows who can read.

So why isn’t anything being done about this?

Japan is number one on my list for their treatment of aquatic life. Let’s see...They club dolphins. They cut off shark fins, then throw the sharks back in the water to die slow and painful deaths, and they go whaling. And they have lousy excuses for all these things and everybody — except Hayden Panettiere — accepts these things. (For those who don't watch the NBC series Heroes, Panettiere has one of the lead roles in that action drama. In 2007, she joined a group of protestors attempting to protect pilot whales from Japanese fishermen.)

Well, Hayden, I’ve got your back.

This past weekend, the International Whaling Commission — why does an International Whaling Commission exist when the practice of whaling was completely outlawed over 20 years ago? Who knows? — criticized environmental activists protesting Japan's whaling fleet. The environmentalists were accused of posing a threat to safety at sea.

The Associated Press reported the whaling commission "called upon the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to refrain from dangerous actions that jeopardize safety at sea, and on vessels and crews concerned to exercise restraint."

What were these dangerous actions jeopardizing safety at sea?

Apparently the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society threw some rotten butter at the whalers.

The Japanese have accused the activists of terrorist activity.

I don’t know about you, but when I think terrorism, I think bombs, IED’s, guns…not butter.

How did the whalers respond to the Improvised Butter Devices?

They threw flash grenades and one member of the activists’ boat crew reported being shot.

In the interest of journalistic integrity it is my obligation to tell you that the Japanese Whaling Association reports that the activist threw bottles containing butyric acid at the whalers.

And while that is true — butyric acid is a very mild acid derived from rotten butter — it’s also my obligation to tell you that whaling in the name of science is a load of whale shit.

(The photo of a humpback whale is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – NOAA – and is in the public domain. The photo was discovered with the aid of Yotophoto.)

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Anonymous said...

The outlawing of whaling is not actually the FACT. There was a zero quota placed on all species.That is the reality, of course there are many other details that most people fail to ponder or even know to ponder.While I do not agree with the "scientific Whaling" part of things it does not give right to distortion of the realities.
Spend some real time reading the Scientific reports etc, perhaps your view may alter, as indeed mine has.

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