Wait a Minute — Isn't there a Presidential Primary Going on?

by Jeff Siegel

Geraldine Ferraro calls out Barack Obama. A top Obama aide calls out Hillary Clinton. The state Democratic parties in Michigan and Florida want a do over. Eliot Spitzer — well, let's just says he got called out (pun fully intended).

And who says politics has become too slick, too marketed, and too dull?

The news over the last week, being so juicy, overshadowed the handful of delegates that Sen. Obama (D-IL) added to his lead over Sen. Clinton (D-NY) in their cage match for the Democratic presidential nomination. It also saved me from listening to and reading the deep thinkers who proclaimed Obama's victories in the Wyoming and Mississippi primaries as yet more examples of his inexorable march to the White House. (Note to deep thinkers: Wyoming hasn't gone to a Democrat since 1964, and Mississippi hasn't voted for a Democrat since 1976. Between them, they have nine electoral votes.)

The campaign, unless something completely unpredictable happens, will be decided at the convention, as Rick Rockwell has noted here (and here and for other views on that topic: here and here too). So let's get to the good stuff:

Geraldine Ferraro says the only reason Obama is doing so well is because he is an African-American. This may or may not be true. What it doesn't address is that the same thing could be said for Ferraro's nomination for vice president in 1984. Would she have been on the ticket if she wasn't a woman? The Clinton side (among its many, many faults) plays the female card only when it is to its advantage.

Obama advisor Samantha Power resigned after a Scottish newspaper said she call Mrs. Clinton "a monster." This is one of the things that drives me crazy about the Obama campaign. There are plenty of things to call Mrs. Clinton: Hypocrite, corporate Democrat, Republican sell out. But monster? Trust me, you're not going to get anywhere comparing Mrs. Clinton to Dick Cheney.

• The state Democratic parties in Michigan and Florida, that moved their primaries up in violation of party directives and were disenfranchised, now want to hold their primaries again. What a lovely idea. Let's hold the 2000 election again as well — and again, and again, and again, until George Bush actually loses.

• Even those of us who have been around politicians for so long we pat our wallets after an interview were befuddled by the Spitzer news. High-priced call girls? He's a Democrat, for crying out loud. They're the ones who aren't supposed to have to pay for it. I actually wrote something nice about Spitzer here, and am now properly embarrassed.

Six weeks until the Pennsylvania primary — how will we ever hold out?

For more background on the 2008 campaign, please see these archival posts:

(Political graphic from Jimmy Crackcorn of Jabberwonk via DailyKos.)

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Rick Rockwell said...

A few updates are necessary here, because although the campaign will likely head well into the summer, the weekly happenings come fast and furious.

Ferraro left Clinton’s campaign today where she was serving on the finance committee.

To Ferraro’s credit, although her remarks forced her to leave, she has said in the past that if she had been a man she likely would not have received the party’s nomination for vice president in 1984. You can read her comments about that here.

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