Toss the Marine, Not the Puppy

by Robin Forman

Remember those rumors that circulated in the '90’s about Marilyn Manson* killing puppies at his concerts?

Remember when Ozzy Osborne* bit the head off a bat at a concert?

Remember the U.S. Marine who smiled and threw a puppy off a cliff in Hawaii?

Oh, you don’t?

Well now you will.

A video was posted on YouTube showing two U.S. Marines smiling and talking about a cute puppy, which appears on the screen and looks to be about eight weeks old. Then the Marine holding the dog tosses it over a cliff and into a gully and says “Oh, I tripped.” (Some believe the video may be an elaborate hoax, but you can see more about the video here.)

The puppy can be heard yelping as it falls.

The video had tens of thousands of views on YouTube and a series of comments most expressing outrage.

YouTube has feverishly tried to pull the clip from its site but given the Hydra-like nature of YouTube new versions keep popping up.

Spokespersons for the Marines have said the video is “shocking and deplorable” and that the content of the video and the behavior of the men are “contrary to the high standards we set for every Marine.”

This behavior raises the several questions like:

  • Who the hell would do this kind of thing?
  • Why was this act video taped as if to boast about it?
  • How did that bastard get a hold of that dog and why didn’t someone stop him?
I’m a huge animal rights activist but I know I’m not going to win all of you over on the argument that animals deserve the utmost care and respect just like people. That’s why I pose these last two questions raised by the video:
  • If this is what some Marines are doing in their free time what other kind of inhumane behavior could they be up to?
  • Does this atrocious behavior extend beyond the animal kingdom?
Maj. Christopher Perrine, the public affairs director at the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, said they were launching an investigation.

They should probably launch something else….like perhaps that Marine. Maybe they could launch him via catapult into the Gaza Strip.

*Marilyn Manson's real name is Brian Hugh Warner. Ozzy Osbourne's full name is John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne.

(Photo by Vnysia of Melbourne, Australia via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License)

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