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Although some might take the title of this week's underground podcast as a commentary on the entire enterprise, actually the first song is dedicated to those wrongheaded neocons who brought us the Iraq War. In case you missed it, this week was the fifth anniversary of that historic error. But this is not one of our all-show, anti-war rants. Instead, you'll find plenty of new material from various mid-Atlantic bands that the critics are calling brilliant, make no mistake about that. Not to mention, we have our usual journey through most of the decades of rock: more than 50 years of music are covered here. Oh, and if you listen carefully, you'll hear some mistakes (just like every week) which are planned, unplanned, brilliant, and stunningly bad, by turns. Hey, it's a rock 'n roll show! Give us a break. It's intended to be loose. So come along for the usual rollercoaster ride. And enjoy!

(This podcast is no longer available for download.)


"Brilliant Mistake" by Elvis Costello
Jeff’s New Wave: “Girls are Always Right” by Any Trouble
“Can You Feel It?” by The Apples in Stereo
“Beat of the Double" by Apes
"Wedding Bell" by Beach House
"Reject Reject" by Pants Yell!
"Shady Kids" by bloodbloodblood (request)
“Dead Sound” by The Raveonettes
"That's Alright, Mama" by Carl Perkins
"Devil's Radio” by George Harrison
“Motorcycle Blues Eyes" by Havana 3 A.M.
"California" by Melissa Etheridge
"City Hall" by Vienna Teng
"I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan
Cover Me: "For Whom the Bell Tolls'" by Apocalyptica
Rick's Metal Shoppe: "Serpent Saints" by Entombed

(Mp3 Runs - 1:25:36; 79 MB.) Program contains explicit lyrics.

(Graphic by SakuraFlame09 via PhotoBucket.)

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