Congratulations, Molly!

Fantastic news,
Molly Kenney!

One of the founding writers of this blog, Molly was named a Truman Scholar this week. The Harry Truman Scholarship Foundation names 65 scholars annually in its high-level scholarship competition. Molly was cited for her work on projects regarding the rehabilitation of criminal offenders and for her efforts as an investigator for the D.C. Public Defender Service.

As regular readers of the blog know, Molly has specialized in topics about law and justice. Some of her best pieces include: "The Supreme Court & the Death Penalty;" "Drug Sentences: Examining the Supreme Court's Surprise;" and "John Edwards Says Good-bye to the Campaign Trail, For Now." Of course, the piece that Molly wrote that is the most popular with readers has nothing to do with law, justice or politics. Instead it is about rock bands and t-shirts: "Threadless Says: I Listen to Bands that Don't Even Exist Yet."

Molly is currently studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science and she is set to return to American University next fall.

We are honored that Molly shares her stories and opinions with us regularly here. Nice work, Molly, and well deserved!

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