Photos from a Gringo in Havana

(Old Havana along the malecon, the city's famous seaside walkway)

Editor's Note: During the past week, after Fidel Castro officially stepped down as Cuba's president, Lagan Sebert, a contributor to this blog, contacted one of his American friends in Havana for a report on the political climate. After sending a series of reports about Castro, Lagan's contact also produced a photo essay on Havana. Although Lagan's contact must remain anonymous due to the repressive political climate in Cuba, his photos show a bit of the Cuban reality. These are just a few of the photos from our contact's Cuban portfolio.

(Crowds gather on Havana's malecon on many nights to socialize.)

(Cubans call restored American classics, like this car, maquinas.)

(A young mother cradles her child.)

(A wrecked boat offsets the blue waters of Cuba's coast.)

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For more background on the current happenings in Cuba, please see these archival posts:

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