Music Review: A Cursive Memory's Changes

by Vincent Lee

Changes is the debut album of the band A Cursive Memory.* The album is 12 songs long and around 45 minutes. Listening to this was arguably some of the most trying 45 minutes of my life. There is little to no distinguishing between the twelve songs. The vocals are a horrible piercing high pitched whine. The actual instrumentals are some kind of up tempo keyboard-guitar repetition that has little to no depth. Simply put, this album is terrible.

Its hard to find an exact genre for this type of music. According to the band's myspace page they are indie/alternative/pop. Under a loose interpretation one might agree with this. Emo could also be readily applied, considering the style of vocals. Though some might attest it isn't “depressing” enough for the emo genre. Genre aside, the musical style is nothing particularly innovative. The sparse keyboard is probably the most notable aspect. The lyrics are nothing to note either. They range from general and non-descript to pathetically cheesy. The second song “Everything” features these lines: “I guess we'll have to spell it out /You're my E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G /Everywhere, everytime, everything.” This is about the peak of their lyrical creativity.

As one might have gathered, pinpointing a “highlight track” is impossible, or a highlight second for that matter. Despite these obvious negatives, some might find joy in the “cheery” indie/emo/alternative nature of this band. The Fall Out Boy or Cartel scene may enjoy this band. However, if one is searching for a new refreshing sound or one with depth, Changes is sadly disappointing.

*A Cursive Memory issued their debut EP Respeck! in 2006.

(Promotional photo of A Cursive Memory from Vagrant Records.)

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rokerb said...

This is a predictably superficial review. So Listen again. And think about what you could write or play at their age. In fact, if the reviewer took the time to do some homework, he would find that the song EVERYTHING is a tongue in cheek play on the superficial qualities and media adulation of "celebrity culture" satirized in ACM's EVERYTHING" Video which others seem to get as ironically it has set the all time record for video views (over 500 thousand in one week!) on My Space. Equally misinterpreted is the experience and work ethic of the band who have toured the country in their gringy Winebago to appear with new found glory , hello goodbye, jimmy eatworld to name a few. They are about to set out with Armour for Sleep and Bamboozle. They admit their music is pop and are first to say they are just having fun with the music. Nevertheless, if you listen, you'll note that "Figure Out" was written by kids age 16 after the loss of a friend in a tragic accident. Not too superficial. Again, pay attention to the lyrics.Pretty difficult feelings for kids that age. Want to hear their "metal" capabilities find original versions (age 15) of Piano Song on the net and see how many guitar plays can keep up with it. Oh, and the keyboardist seems to play two instruments at one time. Check it out on youtube. Then there are the chord progressions and harmonies a bit traditional, but kind of gutsy these days. They're for real, don't take themselves too seriously, and have a million plays on their web-site. They still aren't tattooed or dressed in black. At their age, they may be around for a long time. Refreshing for a change.

Young Hollywood said...

Young Hollywood does an interview with A Cursive Memory, you can check it out here: A Cursive Memory

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