South Carolina Presidential Candidate Debate Highlights

(After enough of these debates are held, various points become obvious to viewers. First, the candidates repeat the same things to each other and use the same arguments from debate to debate. Second, the candidates often reuse parts of their stump speeches in answering questions, so these are not really debates but repetitions of these speeches. Third, the journalists and moderators who hold forth during the debates need to do more to control the conversation but should also ask better questions, and they should hold candidates to account for dodging questions. Fourth, even though debates are better than horse race coverage at discerning differences among the candidates, they still don't get at the core issues, like they could. With all those caveats, we have tried to uphold our public service commitment of finding highlights from this latest debate that at least illuminate a bit.)

by Rick Rockwell

The gloves finally come off with some hard jabbing between Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) in this exchange during the CNN debate in South Carolina prior to this weekend's Democratic primary.

Clinton and Obama discuss the mortgage crisis in the clip below and continue their jabbing over their records.

In this part, Clinton and former Senator John Edwards team up to focus on Obama's record in the Illinois legislature.

The top Democratic candidates will go at it again next week in Los Angeles in the ongoing debate series.

For those who want more background on the campaign, please check these archival posts:

(Photo of Sen. Hillary Clinton by dbking of Washington, D.C. via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License.)

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Anonymous said...

Kind of sad to watch them rip each other to pieces. The GOP debates seem civil by comparison.

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