Explaining the Barack Obama Phenomenon with Film

by Rick Rockwell

Before discussing Sen. Barack Obama, watch this clip from The American President, written by Aaron Sorkin who later went on to guide The West Wing for many years. Certainly, this was modeled on President Bill Clinton, but he was never this succinct nor as charismatic.

Now, listen to how Sorkin plays the issue of leadership and what Americans want from leaders.

Now, please examine these clips of what Sen. Obama (D-IL) said at the Jefferson Jackson dinner in Iowa in November of 2007, with an introduction from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. (Video from C-SPAN.)

Amazing what a clear and direct speech will do. Interesting that Sorkin pointed the way to this strategy more than a dozen years ago.

For those who want more background on the campaign, please check these archival posts:

(Photo of Sen. Barack Obama campaigning in Austin, TX from roxannejomitchell via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License.)

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Anonymous said...

If we want to drive Hillary out of the race, it's still a bit premature to start working over Obama.

not that I am sure how showing a few minutes of Gordon Gekko arguing with Alex Keaton does towards that objective.....

Anonymous said...

Hillary is the comeback kid!

Rick Rockwell said...

Unfortunately, to both, I must say: touché.

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