Delurking Week 2008

This is the week to make your mark. So if you want to make it, why not make it here?

For some years, the blog paper napkin has spread a meme around the blogosphere asking those who "lurk" while reading posts to overcome their shyness during the second full week of January. And so Delurking Week was invented.

Too bad paper napkin is mostly an intermittent blog these days, for a variety of reasons. It still can be a place for interesting reading and ideas.

Experts tell us only about one in a thousand readers, or less, will comment on a blog post. Much like last year, this blog's average is actually much higher: about twenty comments per thousand readers. That's tremendous. So maybe instead of encouraging more commentary, we should just bow to those who take the time to make a pithy comment.

Still, for those who aren't part of the conversation, feel free to step up this week. We promise to play nice.

And if you are interested in the top posts on this blog for commentary, please check out these for the most involved conversations:

(The graphic is an original from Sheryl of Cincinnati the originator of paper napkin who offers her Delurking Week graphics for all to use.)

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