Nuclear Mail: Bush Sends a Reminder to North Korea

by Molly Kenney

As an American, it’s difficult to be positive when teenagers are killing strangers and themselves, star sportsmen are being killed in their homes, and lots of killing is happening on both sides in Iraq. But Americans can take comfort in these dire times because our fair president, in his infinite wisdom, has sent a letter to North Korea.

Yes, that’s what the BBC News headline declared this week. President George Bush sent enigmatic and vicious North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il a little note to remind him of his promise of full disclosure of North Korea’s nuclear program. If the dictator agrees, pinky-swears, crosses his heart, and writes a nice note back (perhaps on flowered stationery), Bush will consider taking North Korea off of the roster of nations the U.S. considers sponsors of terrorism. I imagine this is much like one of David Letterman’s top 10 lists but with more religiously-tinted, warmongering rhetoric.

This bold and forceful international peacekeeping move is not limited to our little North Korean threat; no one wants the other nations in the six-party talks about North Korea’s nuclear program to feel left out, so they’re getting letters too! George probably has carpal tunnel from all the letters he’s been writing in the foreign policy arena lately. Each of the six parties received its own, probably complete with an electronic greeting of Bush in a Santa hat removing nuclear weapons from under North Korea’s Christmas tree. I’m sure they will all put the letters on their head-of-state refrigerators (no one knows what Kim’s fridge looks like, where it is, or what’s inside).

The messenger who delivered the letter, envoy Christopher Hill (no doubt heralded by the “Mail!” song from Blue Clues) announced his concern that North Korea will not fulfill its promise on time and that trust is missing from the North Korea-US relationship. Others, like South Korean Foreign Minister Song Min-Soon, deftly observe that this relationship is on the precipice between success and failure, best friends for life and radioactive enemies. Maybe more aggressive foreign policy (more than a Facebook poke to North Korea) would tip the scales, or maybe Bush should finish one war before he starts another. Something tells me that a pen pal relationship isn’t going to do it for these two.

(For another take on the Korean situation and world affairs, please see: "Iraq is the New Korea.")

(Political graphic from azrainman via Flickr, using a Creative Commons License. More of these graphics are available at AZRainman's Abstractions.)

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