Concert Review: The Crystal Method in D.C.

by Robin Forman

In the Main Arena of Fur (a nightclub in northeast*) bodies bounced as neon glow sticks swirled and green and blue lights flashed. Midriffs were bared as pelvises clad in UFO pants were thrust and swayed.

Ah, the DC club scene kids.

Friday night (Dec. 14), The Crystal Method hit Fur’s Buzz Night.

The Crystal Method is good all round. Even for those unfamiliar with the club/techno/raver scene, Crystal Meth has the skills to reach all ears. The Crystal Method is a duo, made up of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, who are regarded as leaders in the big beat electronic dance genre. They have a well rounded base in hip-hop, rock, pop and soul which makes it easy for all to appreciate their work.

Tickets for the show were about $22 a pop and well worth it.

The Crystal Method has these seamless transitions and as the duo move from one song to another you find yourself ten songs in not knowing how you got there.

The set they spun at Buzz Night was nothing but stellar and the crowd was feeling it.

The feeling of the crowd was best exemplified by a portly ("portly" being far too kind) gentleman who jumped and clapped for 40 minutes straight while unbeknownst to him he was elbowing small raver girls around him who also just kept on dancing. Hands held high in the air, the audience was swept along by the genius of Kirkland and Jordan.

I'm always taken aback by how nerdy some of these DJ’s can look. Kirkland and Jordan look like guys who spent a lot of time in their mothers’ basements watching Star Wars and playing video games. And that’s not far off from how they did form The Crystal Method. In 1993, in California, the two began spinning together in an underground shelter in the front yard of their rented home in a suburb of Los Angeles.

But do not be fooled by their seemingly geeky exterior. These boys rock and they rock hard.

*For those who are looking, it is just north of Union Station.

(Promotional photo of The Crystal Method in concert from the duo's record label, Tiny e Records. The Crystal Method continue their tour with a stop tonight, Dec. 15, in Dallas, TX. To see the group's video for "HighRoller," please check below.)

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