Rocky's Football Corner, 11.7.2007

(Why is it ten weeks have to go by before the National Football League is mainly about football again, and not the sideshows? Well, are we there yet? Perhaps? Will we find out how the National Football Conference East shakes out for the stretch run or just see the race muddled? Can Eagles' Coach Andy Reid get his head back in the game? Can Giants' quarterback Eli Manning figure out the vulnerabilities in the Cowboys' pass defense? Will the Rams or Dolphins ever win a game? And will the World Champion Colts bounce back against the inconsistent Chargers? As usual, no column, just questions, at least for a bit longer, as the winning percentage holds steady for another week.)

by Rick Rockwell

Week 10 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Cowboys at Giants (Giants)
Upset Special: Eagles at Washington (Eagles)
Broncos at Chiefs (Chiefs)
Browns at Steelers (Steelers)
Lions at Cardinals (Cardinals)
Jaguars at Titans (Titans)
Bengals at Ravens (Ravens)
Bears at Raiders (Raiders)
49ers at Seahawks (Seahawks)
Colts at Chargers (Colts)
Bills at Dolphins (Bills)
Falcons at Panthers (Falcons)
Vikings at Packers (Packers)
Rams at Saints (Saints)

Last Week: .643
This Season: .700

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