iVoryTowerz Radio in Search of Space Rock

This week the underground podcast takes off on a journey to the center of the space rock universe. Yes, you'll find hefty dollops of Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, the originators of the genre, in this week's mix, but also plenty of other progressive rock, from the 1970s right up through the new millennium. Plus, we have our usual tangents into new wave, and heavy metal. And don't miss the alternative takes on the Chuck Berry songbook. Enjoy!

(This podcast is no longer available for download.)


"Karn Evil #9: First Impression, Part II" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Rick's Metal Shoppe: “Gypsy” by Uriah Heep
"Spectral Mornings" by Steve Hackett
“Watcher of the Skies (remix version)" by Genesis
"Shock the Monkey" by Peter Gabriel
Jeff’s New Wave: “Take Me to the River” by The Talking Heads
Cover Me: "Happiness is a Warm Gun" by The Breeders
"You Can't Catch Me" by John Lennon
"Back in the USA" by Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
“Memphis, Tennessee” by Silicon Teens
“Steal the Blueprints” by +/-
“Angeles” by Elliot Smith
"Curtains" by Owl & the Pussycat
"Evil Eyes Again" by Warlock
"Paranoia, Parts I & II" by Hawkwind
"Challenger Deep" by Zombi
"One of These Days" by Pink Floyd

(Mp3 Runs - 1:32:50; 85 MB.)

(The photo is of the M82 galaxy from the Hubble Space Telescope via NASA; the image is in the public domain.)

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Anonymous said...

Gypsy by Uriah Heep was great.

Dusty said...

No shit..Uriah Heep is friggin awesome..and a nice trip down memory lane, as well as ELP and Pink Floyd.

Rick Rockwell said...

Thanks for the compliments. Always good to hear from fans of the Metal Shoppe.

With this type of reaction, maybe we'll have to unearth more Uriah Heep in the future.

I'm just glad folks liked how we got into the progressive wing of rock a bit more this time.

Jeff Siegel said...

Arghh! My worst nightmare -- listeners who like progressive rock. There will be no stopping Rockwell now.

That's all right. I have a plan.

Rick Rockwell said...

So while we wait for Jeff's nefarious (and anti-progressive rock) surprise... maybe we can gather requests here from those who appreciate these sounds. We'll try to get those on future shows.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would backtrack and add that today I downloaded a bunch of Uriah Heep off iTunes. You provoked a massive nostaglia trip. You ought to ask Steve Jobs for a commission check

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