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This week the underground podcast is going a bit deeper into the lyrical veins of the music than usual. Can you spot the hidden messages, intended and otherwise? Not only will you find a hefty sampler of some of the best new music around, but come with us for a musical journey that traces musical influences back about 85 years. However, we don't let nostalgia reign, because there's too much here that makes you want to get up and dance. So along the way, get ready for some folky blues, modern Texas swing, punk, new wave, and heavy metal too, besides plenty of straight ahead rock 'n roll. Enjoy!

(This podcast is no longer available.)


"Spirit Road" by Neil Young
"Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meat Loaf
“Love is the Answer" by Utopia
"Mammon" by Todd Rundgren
Cover Me: "Hello, I Love You" by The Cure
Jeff’s New Wave: “No More Heroes” by The Stranglers
"It's Getting Easy" by Dear and the Headlights
"So Much Better" by Evan Olson
“No Big Deal” by Lyle Lovett and his Large Band
“Yellow Dog Blues” by Bessie Smith
“900 Miles” by Odetta
"Eight-hour Drive" by Lynn Miles
"One of these Days" by Joe Bonamassa
"Snake Eyes" by Snowy White & The White Flames
"Post Toastee" by Tommy Bolin
Rick's Metal Shoppe: “Almost Easy” by Avenged Sevenfold

(Mp3 Runs - 1:35:16; 88 MB.) Program contains explicit lyrics.

(Photo taken at Le Touquet, France by Asmorod Béthune, Pas de Calais, France via stock.xchng.)

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