Global Warming Reconsidered: Welcome to the Seventh Circle of Hell

by Robin Forman

After some contemplation, I don’t think you’re nearly scared enough.

I wrote an article a few weeks back about global warming and its undeniable truth. I said “that we’re still not quite in the Seventh Circle of Hell.” However, it has recently been brought to my attention, and, well, should have been brought to everyone else’s — were they paying attention — that this world is headed for hell in a hand basket and that hand basket’s got wheels, a motor and is getting five miles to the gallon.

So there’s a concern — supported by scientific research — that our modules for what’s to come of this world due to global warming are off.

And by “off” I mean "we’re all gonna die."

Now, I’m going to attempt to make you panic like I think you should be panicking.

We’ve already seen some of these underestimated effects in the last few weeks. The wildfires in California are examples. Yes, they are connected to global warming.

Here’s how: The increased droughts and heat waves are symptomatic of climate change. Try this equation: Dry + Heat + lightning, a cigarette butt, an arsonist, Zeus, etc. = Big Fire.

To add to that problem we’ve had droughts all over the U.S., most notably in the last few weeks in the Southeast…around Hotlanta which we can now affectionately call Hot-dry-and-dying-lanta. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has declared parts of the southeast in a state of “exceptional” and “extreme” drought. That’s the environmental equivalent of the red and orange level for terrorism.

Let’s say these things continue and the droughts spread. How about the theory that the earth’s temperature will actually rise about 14 degrees by the turn of the next century?

Here’s one reason why you need to be scared:

  • General Electric has started buying water refineries around the world. This means that when places go into drought and need to get water G.E. will be controlling the prices…just like they control large portions of your current life (your electricity, the Olympics, NBC, Universal Pictures, Telemundo, your dog.)
When the temperature rises and droughts ensue, people are going to move away from these places that will become uninhabitable. This means they’ll go south and north of the equator for more temperate climates. Which means people will start invading other people’s countries.

Look at a map and figure out who will go where and then think about your 10th grade world history class and try to remember if they’ve gotten along in the past.

Hope your kids are going to like war, drought and famine.

(Satellite photo of the California wildfires from NASA and the Terra satellite. NASA enhanced the photo to mark the fire locations in red. The photo was taken on Oct. 24, 2007. As the photo is from NASA, it is in the public domain.)

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Anonymous said...

Good blog.

Being green is just common sense. God gave us this world, as adults we need to act responsibily in how we treat it.

Survival of the species yes, but for God's sake it's also just plain good manners!

Robin, Daughter of the Desert and American Bad Ass said...

Manners....wow, I'm not sure anybody knows what those are anymore! And you can forget common sense.

Thanks for having your head screwed on straight and realizing that we are not entitled to dominating this planet and destroying everything on it.

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