Rocky's Football Corner, 10.31.2007

(When Frank Deford calls this week's match-up between the only two undefeated teams in the National Football League the game of the new century is it hype or dead-on? Why can't the undefeated World Champion Colts get any respect? And what about the debate concerning the undefeated Patriots? Have they really been running up the score? Or just demonstrating smash-mouth superiority, not to mention making a psychological statement to intimidate later opponents? Aren't you glad we are just talking about football here and not Michael Vick, this week? And what is it with a column that is still missing in action after half the season? As long as we're winning, the percentage does the talking. Now, buckle your chinstrap for one of the toughest weeks of the season so far.)

by Rick Rockwell

Week 9 Office Pool Predictions

Game of the Week: Patriots at Colts (Colts)
Upset Special: Bengals at Bills (Bengals)
49ers at Falcons (Falcons)
Seahawks at Browns (Browns)
Ravens at Steelers (Steelers)
Cardinals at Buccaneers (Bucs)
Jaguars at Saints (Saints)
Washington at Jets (Washington)
Panthers at Titans (Titans)
Packers at Chiefs (Chiefs)
Texans at Raiders (Raiders)
Cowboys at Eagles (Cowboys)
Broncos at Lions (Lions)
Chargers at Vikings (Chargers)

Last Week: .769
This Season: .707

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Comandante Agí said...

Yeah, it does seem like the sports media is underestimating the Colts. I can't root for the spygate Patriots, but Peyton Manning's pre-snap routine really annoys me. Too bad there are no draws in NFL, because I'd wish for one in this case...

Rick Rockwell said...


Great to see you in our tiny football corner.

Although the likelihood of a tie is incredibly small (yes, a tie IS possible in the NFL after one overtime, at least in the regular season; but they are rare) that would be the perfect ending to such a match-up. Both would still be technically undefeated and likely to meet again in the playoffs.

For those who love NFL football, a match-up like this is tremendous.

Comandante Agí said...

For those who love NFL football, a match-up like this is tremendous

Indeed. Thanks for the clarification on the tie scenario. I'm a bit new to following the NFL. I'm a soccer guy, so I'm used to tied games...

I'm sure today's game will be more exciting than the SuperBowl. The AFC is just producing better teams right now.

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